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D2 White Glue Fast Adhesive

Very strong wooden homo-polymer glue which is polyvinyl basic and gets transparent when it gets dry.


Fast curing. Low press time. Resistant to water according to D2-DIN EN204. Extremely high bond strength on numerous substrates. Very good resistance to chemicals. Excellent resistance to moisture and weather conditions. Nonshrinking. Low odour.

Application Area

It is suggested that the time of staying open shall be 3-4 minutes and pressure that will be applied shall be 1,8 kg/cm2. At the Cold-Press Machines and Manual Use the press time should be arranged accordingly with working temperature.

Below you can find the relation with temperature and press time;

D2 is designed to hold against low levels of moisture in the wood to maintain its high bonding power. While the acceptable moisture content is 8 - 12 % the press time can be needed to be increased slightly accordingly.

Usable where high rate of moisture is a problem as dry films of D2 has potential to absorb water.

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